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BJS Home Delivery

We provide the very best two-man home delivery in the UK, offering a wide range of flexible services

About Us

BJS is a family run delivery business based in the Midlands.

Launched during the 2009 recession, the two-man service has yet again shown its ability to thrive and grow in challenging economic climates and last year ranked 22 in the Sunday Times International Fast Track 200.

From its very inception spiritual guidance was sought for the venture from Baba Jaswant Singh Ji– whom the company is named after. Based in Punjab, Baba Jaswant Singh Ji was the founder of a trust that runs projects for the welfare of humanity; provision of health care facilities, higher medical education and to show ‘the path of spiritual righteousness’, to ‘foster human values and welfare with esteemed devotion indeed’.

While not an obvious fit to most Western business values, corporates seem to have increasingly embraced a more human side of late in response to COVID-19.

In addition to going above and beyond to support communities BJS go above and beyond for their clients too – which is why they are the preferred delivery partner to leading brands including MADE.COM, Wayfair and Richer Sounds.

Though the shift to online buying began pre-COVID the pandemic has undeniably accelerated the move from bricks and mortar to bricks and clicks, with the physical retailer now having a reduced impact on consumers who are increasingly reached directly via wider online and social channels. The challenges of success in this area have put delivery companies centre stage, a worthy spotlight for BJS Home Delivery who are pro-actively evolving service offerings to meet the emerging needs of retailers, e-tailers and start-ups.

BJS support their customers’ shipping strategies to meet a range of consumer demands which can help build repeat business as well as convert first time customers swayed by ease of delivery; fast is good, but so is flexible. Options like free returns, for example, can drive up dominance and give brands a competitive edge.

E-co-commerce is a big deal; smaller boxes and reduced packaging with recyclable waste wins consumer praise and lowers shipping costs thanks to smaller volumes – it is this out-of-the-box-and-about-the-box thinking and added value insight and guidance that has led so many clients to trust BJS with their boxes. BJS believe that good business can benefit people, profits and the planet.

Utilising the Ligthfoot technology systems on the delivery fleet encourages and reminds drivers to adhere to best practice behind the wheel – for optimum safety of the team and other road users but also for fuel economy and environmental impact.

The adoption of What3Words GPS location system has aided business efficiency and end recipient experience by greatly narrowing down the address with more accuracy than a traditional post code. This saves time and minimises confusion and delays in locating an address and contributes to our on time in full delivery score of 98%.

The life size training academy is a unique way for teams to hone their home delivery skills; meaning that when it comes to crossing thresholds for real, they are confident at tight corners and awkward spaces which is why we have a less than .5% damage rate and consistently high client feedback scores upwards of 97%. Making it look so easy takes a lot of hard work from our dedicated teams.