Stroolmount UK Ltd

At Stroolmount we’re widely recognised as a leading supplier of furniture and floor protection systems.

About Us

The Stroolmount name has been around for over 35 yrs in the northwest furniture manufacturing industry and 5yrs in the flooring industry. We are a family run business priding ourselves in good quality products and excellent customer service. We are partners with Wagner Systems Gbh as such, we are proud to introduce the innovative and award winning Quickclick furniture & floor protection system, an interchangeable glide suitable for all types of floors, which is available in a display box for retailers & bulk for trade. This system is the way forward in furniture & floor protection.

With the economy being like it is consumers need to protect their belongings for as long as possible and usually do not think about this until it is too late.

CUSTOMER SERVICE everybody is talking about it! Ensure your company is up there offering the best, check out our furniture & floor protection products.

We know with the economic climate like it is, people are looking for add on sales to give their customers the best experience. Our products offer this but can also protect you from high insurance claims.

Don't send your customers elsewhere for floor protection when you can supply them yourself. No need for damaged floors, protect them for pennies.

Finchys is the retail site, trade customers can view the products on Finchys but please contact us for trade prices.